The Chochołów Uprising Museum

Chochołów 75,
34-513 Chochołów

The museum is located in the old hut, which used to belong to a wealthy landlord, Jan Bafia. The building is made from flat pieces of wood, using the log construction - it has a hall, “black” room, “white” room, chamber and a room in the attic. The furnishing of the house joins the times of the uprising with the ethnographic exposition, showing how a traditional highlander family lived in the 19th century. In the “black” room, where the everyday life of a family took place, you will find all the appliances necessary for the farm work. In the “white” room, called pompous and used only for celebrations, you can have a look at embellished appliances, pictures on glass, ceramics - all of the items showcasing the wealthiness of the owner. All of the rooms in the house show also informational boards which cover the historical part of the exhibition. To show the bigger picture of the background of the Chochołów uprising to the visitors, the boards tell you about the course of the Krakow revolution in 1846, the preparations for the Chochołów uprising, its leaders, documents, participants list and the epilogue - the repressive measures of the invader. The exhibition is closed by showcasing the literature in which the Chochołów uprising appears, including scientific literature, poetry and prose, as well as the modern folk sculptures and pictures on glass referring to the uprising.

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Historyczno-kulturowo-przyrodniczy szlak wokół Tatr
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