Friendly places

The Route around the Tatras is already accompanied by a consistent facilities recommendation system, the so-called Friendly Places System (Miejsca Przyjazne - MP), which will kindly host the users of the Route.

Friendly Places*, certified by the auditors and marked with a special placard, are divided into five categories - lodging facilities, catering facilities, places of a particular cultural and natural value, tourist attractions, and sport, tourist and tourism-related facilities. They are adapted to the needs of the Route users (mainly bikers and roller skaters) and they have introduced the services dedicated to them.

Among the recommended places you will find the museums, tourism information points, bicycle repair shops and rental companies, thermal baths, hotels, guesthouses, private accommodation, restaurants and fast-food spots, and an inn.

In these places, located on the Polish and Slovakian side, a maximum of 10 km from the Route, you will be able to eat, sleep, repair your bike or skates, get information about the Route and use the attractions, not worrying about the safety of your bike. When planning the trip along the Route around the Tatras, we recommend using the Friendly Places search engine available on the website www.szlakwokoltatr.eu/MP

*Friendly Places System is an important element of the accompanying infrastructure. It is also the next step in the development of the tourism product Route around the Tatras and building the tourism brand. The network of Friendly Places along the Route around the Tatras ensures the consistent and comparable quality standard of the services offered to the tourists visiting the Route; this will impact the convenience for those visiting these places. On the other hand, the network is aimed at building long-lasting cooperation between the tourist facilities and at raising the awareness of local entrepreneurs about the possibility of using this product to earn money.

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